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The fact is, many arguments against wearing fur fall down because we eat so much meat. Furriers claim many skins are ‚by products‘ because the animals will be eaten anyway, but is steak not then also a by product of shoes, and vice versa The way we treat animals could well become the Coliseum of our age the savage token by which future generations judge us. What it comes down to at the moment is whether or not you mind the fact that your coat used to be a living creature.

Think America, think Michelle Obama in a shift: polished, classic, safe. It’s the spiritual home of twin sets and pearls, of the Ralph Lauren polo tee.’s espousal of Cameron as one of the international best dressed women reverberates like a consolation prize, akin to your Gran saying she loves the way you dress, if you like. Not particularly cool.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Thom Browne has in store. His collection for Brooks Brothers is terrific and just might inject a bit of cheeky fun into the world of gray flannel salvatore ferragamo jewellery suits. The show for his signature collection is today and as a reward for hiking to the edges of Manhattan I’m hoping for some serious fashion extravaganza.

„The pants came because I didn’t like stockings and I like low heels,“ she said. „I wasn’t conscious of whether it was in style or not,“ the actress said of her attire. „I was only conscious of whether I thought it was becoming to me.“ „When I first got to California, I wore a skirt,“ she said.

A painter at heart, Wenders initially regarded film and photography as a simple way to record his surroundings and the camera as an extension of his painting tools. What he discovered, however, was that the camera could depict something that paintings could not time. To Wenders, each photograph is a sort of time capsule, frozen in time but with an incredible relation to its own past and future, inviting the spectator to see more than any film could ever show.

For the salvatore ferragamo driving past three salvatore ferragamo years or so, we have had some classic bestsellers every season, but for spring/summer we opted for much riskier accessories, more variety and plenty of newness. If you make a statement this season it will probably be through colour, because accessories, and bags in particular, are really vibrant. This theme comes straight from womenswear it’s an important part of my buying approach to be aware of what’s happening in fashion generally.


But I not a professional athlete, I not a professional dancer, I not a professional anything; I have never considered modeling an actual job title. I have yet to determine what my job actually is but, yeah, modeling is a fun and funny gig. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)


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