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Nevertheless, I remained calm in the face of meteorological adversity, knowing my reward was the premiere of Something From Nothing, Ice T’s documentary on the craft of hip hop. The film, as expected, was worth the vexing hustle. At any given moment, I was rapping with Grandmaster Caz and B Real; smiling to hear Dre talk Pac; looking over my shoulder where Ice sat with his son and Coco.

The first day of London Fashion Week will feature a further fashion surprise in the form of avant garde designer Hussein Chalayan’s exhibition, ‚B side‘, at the Spring Projects Gallery, in Kentish Town. The exhibition, divided into three segments Micro Geography, A Cross Section, and salvatore ferragamo loafers Anaesthetics Inertia will showcase Chalayan’s exploration into the body, movement and voyeurism, and will feature new works, sculpture, film and animation. Chalayan, MBE, winner of the British Designer of the Year title in both 1999 and 2000, has been showing his ready to wear collections in Paris since 2001.


The ‚One Dior‘ event launches on March 16 and is set to be a every bit fabulous as one might expect from the French fashion house. It starts in the Knightsbridge cheap Ferragamo Shoes store’s famed windows where Dior will be showcasing their trio of fragrances. You’ll see themes on J’Adore, which will sit in amongst falling rain, best selling Miss Dior, and the new chypre fragrance Gris Montaigne, which for this event gets its worldwide preview.

But if you put your all into it you will be successful. I really do think that we have hit on something that new and different and so far it worked for us. Long may it last!.


Torrential rains and strong winds in central Argentina have caused severe flooding, damaged homes and forced dozens of people to evacuate. The Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, was also affected, with flight delays and cancellations at its two airports. The National Weather Service has maintained an alert throughout Buenos Aires province.

They make the most beautiful and durable lace dresses. This lace will not snag easily and that makes me happy. I usually try to stay away from long dresses, but when I saw this beauty go on sale on the Shopbop website I was smitten. I like forums better because I can read what players think, and they often give help to other noobs and so I don’t have to ask, just read. I’m a lurker a lurker whale. Kuma doesn’t ferragamo pumps zappos have a forum.

The blond beauty has admitted she enjoys on set clinches after hooking up with hunky actors including Channing Tatum for John and Justin Timberlake in their upcoming sci fi thriller Time. She tells W magazine, scenes are great. A lot of my co stars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not I not going to pretend it not fun.


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