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Another challenge is that „special occasions“ are almost a daily occurrence in modern day. Remember reading Little House on the Prairie and Laura’s excitement over finding an orange in her stockings on Christmas morning Now we eat out frequently, go to happy hour, and bring donuts in for our co workers, yet still use these daily events as a reason to overeat. As one of our Am I Hungry workshop participants put it, „Food has become the background music to my life! It sets the mood but I hardly pay attention to it anymore.“


Running with the adage that it’s „all in the details“, Prada will be launching its „Made to Order Lettering“ service for items from its travel collection. Backpacks, trolleys and tote bags can be customised with letters that come in pop art tastic colours and prints (a much cooler way to identify your luggage, rather than unsightly travel tags, we think). As ever, celebrities have been swift to adopt the look, with Kate Winslet and Rene Zellweger already papped with their initials totes.


Bruno delivers the clothes we really want to wear. And if next season is a trouser season and it is hers are the ones we’ll be pitching for: neat cigarette legs, cropped just above the ankle and ferragamo jelly shoes price in malaysia slouching low on the hips, just the way we like them. Still, were Bruno were only about predictable staples, it would make for a dull show.

It has grosgrain straps (wide enough to hide a sturdy bra) and similar detail under the bust. Also available in pale pink. Sizes S, M and salvatore ferragamo L; price 166 (

. If you hide something, it always surfaces eventually, so instead of hiding I make it bigger and bolder. Years ago I started crocheting text ferragamo jelly shoes price in malaysia messages. Text messages are the unfortunate way we communicate.

‚It’s so ugly when I see beautiful girls wearing these dresses because they have to. Sometimes they would look better wearing a well cut trouser and a T shirt. Much more chic than a cake dress.‘


It is made of a jersey fabric salvatore ferragamo driving and is quite long and billowy, but to emphasize my waist I belted it with this gold pyramid studded belt by Temperley London. The spaghetti straps are perfect for summer, but I wanted to add a little bit of layering for now so I wore my T by Alexander Wang ponte criss cross bra stop underneath to make the dress a little more edgy. I stuck with all black for the rest of my look to tone down the dress a bit.


The other element to your stride is your footwear. Even models don’t wear heels all the time most travel in flats and change into skyscraping heels and boots once they arrive at the casting. All the same, the simultaneous height and attitude boost provided by a pair of stilettos will vanish if you don’t know how to walk in them.

ferragamo jelly shoes price in malaysia

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